Enjoying a Solo Round of Golf

In a rare moment of kindness, your boss decides to give you the rest of the afternoon off – great news! It is a beautiful day, you have several hours until you need to be home, and your golf clubs are already in the trunk. Sounds like the perfect chance to hit one of our San Diego area golf courses for a surprise round and a much needed break from the office.

There is only one problem – all of your friends are stuck at their jobs and can’t get away to meet you on the first tee. Should you just forget about it and head home to mow the lawn? No way! While the social aspect of golf is always fun, there is much to be said for a peaceful round of golf shared between just you and the course. The following tips will help you get the most out of your solo round of golf. You might find that you enjoy playing alone more than you expected, and your game could even benefit from the experience as well.

Solo Golf Tip #1 – Slow it down

It is easy to play fast when you are alone on the course. If you are playing by yourself and no one is in front of you, the pace of play you set could be rather impressive. However, unless you have a time constraint, try to slow yourself down and really enjoy the experience. Pay more attention to the beauty of the course in between shots. San Diego is a great place to be outside for any reason, so relish the time you have to wander around the lush grass under the sunshine.

Solo Golf Tip #2 – Challenge your game

With no playing partners to annoy, try to ‘alter’ the rules of the game a little bit in order to challenge yourself. Think about your weaknesses on the course and make up a game that puts an emphasis on them. Not a good chipper? Every time you hit the green, pull the ball back off the putting surface so you are forced to get up and down for your par. Your score won’t matter during a round like this, but you can take the opportunity to improve your skills for future rounds against your buddies. Always make sure that any games you play on the course don’t slow down groups playing behind you.

Solo Golf Tip #3 – Refine your pre-shot routine

It can be hard to practice a pre-shot routine when you are playing in a foursome of your friends. People are talking, joking around, etc. – and the focus of practicing your routine gets lost. When playing alone, however, you will have no distractions and can work on perfecting your approach to each shot. The power of a good pre-shot routine is surprising to many golfers, so take the time to create one you are comfortable with and stick to it time and again. After a couple solo rounds to practice it, you won’t be thrown off by the chatter of a Saturday morning foursome.

If you choose not to play golf because none of your friends are available that day, you are missing out on a great opportunity to see the golf course like never before. You will learn a lot about the course you are playing, and about yourself, just by spending a few hours alone on the links. Any of the beautiful JC Golf courses are great for a solo round when the opportunity arises, so we hope to see you on our fairways soon.

Thanks for reading, and play well.


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