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Oaks North San Diego Golf Course

Great Southern California golf courses come in many varieties.

There are the well-known golfing Meccas on your bucket list that you would be happy to play just once, and then there are those with a unique charm that keep you coming back from your first lesson all the way through to your golden years.

Oaks North southern California Golf Course is a golf course you play for life.

As home to former and current PGA professionals, the 27-hole executive Oaks North Golf Course is a gem well known to San Diego golfers, who welcome its shorter yardage, excellent maintenance, and professional service.

At Oaks North, you start your day on the best driving range in North San Diego County—well organized, striped hitting area, bright targets, good golf balls, and an even better view. Check in with the friendly faces at the counter and then head out to experience the variety offered by Oaks North’s 27 holes.

All three nines are par-30 tracks with yardages from 3,417 to 3,608, each presenting its own characteristic challenges. Every golfer has an opinion about which course is the toughest or the most fun. Considering golfers can usually play 18 holes at Oaks North Golf Course in about three hours, you’ll form your own opinion.

Oaks North in Rancho Bernardo embraces its unique position as a short yet fairly challenging layout and offers programs throughout the year for golfers of all abilities. Junior golfers are encouraged to purchase a JC Junior Players Card to maximize their play.

Oaks North Golf Course is easily walkable, and the fairways are wide and forgiving. The greens will test your putting, not your patience. All in all, this golf course offers championship level service and facilities at more affordable prices.


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JC Golf Course Layout: Oaks North Golf Course Layout

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Oaks North Golf Course Layout

With the variety of three distinct nines, Oaks North Golf Course offers the finest executive golf in California. The course has a natural beauty complete with mature oak trees and water features. In addition, it is meticulously maintained to present golfers with lush fairways and true greens. The friendly atmosphere and executive layout are ideal for beginners and families, but the course will challenge experienced golfers while they perfect their skills using every club in their bag.


North Course

 Par 3 | White: 175 Red: 154

Pro’s Pointers: A downhill hole ending with a large green. This deceptive hole looks shorter than it is – use one more club.


 Par 4 | White: 235 Red: 225

Pro’s Pointers: Two putt your way to an easy birdie, or guarantee yourself a par


 Par 4 | White: 306 Red: 292

Pro’s Pointers: A dogleg left, the fairway slopes slightly to the right. A 3 wood or long iron off the tee sets up a short iron to a small, well-bunkered green.


 Par 3 | White: 134 Red: 123

Pro’s Pointers: A straightforward par-3 with a large, soft green. Use one more club. The green is long from front to back.


 Par 3 | White: 157 Red: 119

Pro’s Pointers: An uphill par-3 where par is a good score. Use one more club as this hole is all carry with a two-tiered green that is long from front to back.


 Par 3 | White: 153 Red: 130

Pro’s Pointers: A pretty hole with trees on both sides, and a large, flat green. Fly all the way to the pin, your ball will stick on this soft green.


 Par 3 | White: 144 Red: 120

Pro’s Pointers: A shot through the trees, usually against the wind. Stay below the cup with your tee shot. Downhill putts are very fast.


 Par 3 | White: 185 Red: 165

Pro’s Pointers: A downhill par-3 with a large pond on the right side.Par is a great score on this hole. Play it short and run up to the green. Aim left – use one more club.


 Par 4 | White: 260 Red: 236

Pro’s Pointers: An uphill par-4 with a short, two-tiered green. Out-of-bounds guards the right side. A good drive will position a wedge shot to the correct pin level for an easy birdie.

  East Course


 Par 4 | White: 260 Red: 231

Pro’s Pointers: A dogleg left – tight through the trees to a well-bunkered green. Lay-up with an iron (185-yard shot) to set up a wedge second shot.


 Par 3 | White: 127 Red: 102

Pro’s Pointers: A beautiful short hole with water on the right. Short wedge or a 9, then flat to large green. A great opportunity for a birdie.


 Par 3 | White: 162 Red: 139

Pro’s Pointers: An uphill par-3 with a two-tiered green. Par is a good score here. Use one more club – uphill and all carry.


 Par 3 | White: 166 Red: 154

Pro’s Pointers: Downhill par 3 with a pond on the right. The highest elevation on the course, offering a beautiful view of Rancho Bernardo. This hole is all carry, so use plenty of club.


 Par 4 | White: 282 Red: 259

Pro’s Pointers: A short, straight-away par-4 with trees and a pond on the right. A long drive is possible, leaving a short pitch and one putt for a birdie.


 Par 4 | White: 242 Red: 222

Pro’s Pointers: Straightforward par 4 with a pond in front of the tee box. Severe two-tiered green. Stay below the hole.


 Par 3 | White: 112 Red: 100

Pro’s Pointers: A short, large target green. This hole looks shorter than it is, so use a full swing and don’t miss right.


 Par 3 | White: 177 Red: 150

Pro’s Pointers: A beautiful, uphill par-3 with a two-tiered green. This great hole is all carry, so use more club. Again, you have to be on the correct tier for a birdie opportunity. Putting is difficult on this green.


 Par 3 | White: 140 Red: 122

Pro’s Pointers: A downhill par-3 back to the clubhouse with a nice view. A good birdie opportunity awaits on this large, flat green.

  South Course


 Par 3 | White: 154 Red: 134

Pro’s Pointers: A good hole that is well-bunkered into the prevailing wind. This hole plays longer than the yardage, so use one more club. Par is a good score.


 Par 3 | White: 183 Red: 173

Pro’s Pointers: A straight-away par-3 with water in the back bunker on the left. A long green and a long tee shot make par a good score.


 Par 3 | White: 160 Red: 147

Pro’s Pointers: Slightly uphill to a soft green that slopes to the right. This hole plays longer than you would expect. Do not miss to the right or your ball will roll down the hill.


 Par 4 | White: 260 Red: 222

Pro’s Pointers: A short, straight-away par-4 over the water. Be careful on this tricky green and you’ll be rewarded with a birdie possibility.


 Par 4 | White: 313 Red: 300

Pro’s Pointers: A straight-away par-4 guarded by out-of-bounds on the left and a well-bunkered green. It is important to keep your drive on the fairway, leaving a short approach and a birdie possibility.


 Par 3 | White: 137 Red: 125

Pro’s Pointers: Straightforward to a large, flat green. Beware of water on the right. You’re playing into the prevailing wind, keep your tee shot below the cup.


 Par 4 | White: 271 Red: 214

Pro’s Pointers: A dogleg left with out-of-bounds trees on the right. A tight driving hole. A lay up tee shot (200 yards) will leave a wedge to the small green. Good birdie hole.

Par 3 | White: 205 Red: 169

Pro’s Pointers: A great hole up the hill. Carry all the way to the two-tiered green. Use one more club on this #1 handicap hole. Chip and putt for par, a good score.

Par 3 | White: 176 Red: 167

Pro’s Pointers: Uphill to a small, two-tiered, well-bunkered green. This hole plays longer than the yardage suggests with a long green from front to back. Par is a good score.

JC Golf Directions: Oaks North



Oaks North Golf Course
12602 Oaks North Dr.
San Diego, CA 92128 



  • From I-15, exit Rancho Bernardo Road
  • Drive east to Pomerado Rd and turn left
  • Turn right onto Oaks North Dr to the Golf Course

For detailed driving directions from anywhere, please use our MapQuest Link.


Oaks North Golf Course Features

  • Complete practice facilities, including driving range, putting green and chipping area.
  • Complete Golf Pro Shop with the latest Golf Equipment and Golf Apparel.
  • Instruction and Golf Clinics offered by PGA Professionals.
  • Beginner and Junior Golf Lesson programs and Golf Clinics offered year-round.
  • Tournament Services with dedicated outing coordinator on site.