JC Players Card FAQs

Weekday Membership Questions

When are the free round weekday coupons valid?
Can I upgrade from a weekday to a weekend membership?

Weekend Membership Questions


When are the free round weekend coupons valid?
Can I renew my weekend membership at a discounted rate?

Free Rounds of Golf for Weekday and Weekend Memberships 


Do the free round coupons include a cart?
Can I redeem unused free round coupons if I renew?
Once I have used all my free round coupons can I renew early?
How do I book my free bonus rounds?
Can I use all my free rounds at Encinitas Ranch or Rancho Bernardo Inn?
When do the additional free rounds at Temecula Creek and Reidy Creek expire and do they include cart?
Is it really 2-for-1 Free Round Coupons at JC Resorts’ Executive courses?
Does the 2-for-1 Free Round Coupons/Certificates at JC Executive golf courses include cart?
When can I use my birthday free round and at which course does it apply?
If it is raining the day of my birthday, can I get a rain check and use my birthday free round another day?

Referral Program For JC Player Membership


How can we play for free EVERY DAY?
Can I really use the referral round any time & at any course?
If I refer a friend and he signs up as a JC Player’s Card Member how do I get a free round?
How many friends can I refer?

Benefits for Weekday and Weekend JC Player Membership


How does the JC Player save up to 53% on green fees year round at JC Golf Courses?
When can I use my JC Player Card guest passes to extend your guaranteed lowest rate to my guests?
How do I use my 15% Merchandise Discount? 

Policy for Weekday and Weekend JC Player Membership


When does my membership expire?
How do I update my contact information?
When I purchase a JC Player Card Membership, can I use it right away? (Or should I wait until I get the blue plastic card?)
How do I book tee times online using my JC Players Card without getting charged the full green fee rates?
My domestic partner and I are both JC Player Cardholders, when we are golfing together, can we use the same coupon booklet?
Where can I find the listing of JC Holiday rates and schedule?
I will be moving out of the San Diego Area, can I give my JC Booklets to my brother?
I will be having surgery and unable to play golf, can I suspend my membership? 
What if my clubs are stolen and all my JC Player Card booklets are in my bag?
What happens if I lose my booklets? Do you replace lost booklets?
What is the refund policy?