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Encinitas Residents Program

Residency Verification

Encinitas Residents

Starting May 2022, Encinitas residents will need to verify residency on an annual basis through the FREE ID.me verification portal. Once verified, receive the Encinitas Residents rate and 9-day advanced booking time frame.
NOTE: To receive the resident rate after March 28, all Encinitas residents will be required to verify their residency with ID.me.

Steps For Pre-Verification and Booking – Prior to May:

  1. CLICK HERE to enter the temporary ID.me portal.
  2. Set up an account. Use the email on file with JC Golf.
  3. Once you set up an account, proceed with the verification process.
  4. Once you are verified, proceed with the tee time booking process.
  5. For future tee times, sign in to your ID.me account and proceed.
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What benefits do Encinitas Residents receive?

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Nine days advance booking and a reduced resident rate for green fees.

How long will the verification last?

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One year. Each year, the verification will expire and the process will repeat.

Can I book tee times for other Encinitas residents?

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Yes, other residents in the group may also get discounted resident green fees by showing their valid ID. All resident players will need to get verified through the ID.me process so their player type is saved correctly in their account.

Can I book tee times for non-residents using the 9 day advance privilege?

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Yes, however at check-in, the non-residents will be charged the public rate and be charged the $25 advance booking fee for non-residents.

The resident player whose Tee Time Confirmation was used to make the tee time MUST be present to check-in with valid ID. If not, none of the players in the group may use the tee time.

Non-residents (AND residents WITHOUT residency verification) will be required to use a credit card to make a tee time reservation. The automated reservation system will immediately apply a non-refundable charge for ALL green fees.

What if I cannot make my tee time that I made for me and non-resident players?

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The reservation will be canceled and none of the players in the group may use the tee time.*

What happens if a non-resident tries to book an Encinitas Resident tee time?

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The rate and advanced booking is reserved for Encinitas residents only. If a player’s email is not verified as a resident, they will be prompted to choose a different rate class.

Can Encinitas resident minors receive the benefits?

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Yes, dependent children of verified residents that are under the age of 18 may qualify for the advance booking and discounted rate. The parent must be present at check-in and show a valid ID.

JC Juniors would not receive the JC Junior rate; they would receive the resident rate.