JC Players Card Terms & Conditions

  1. Membership cards and coupons are non-transferable and may not be sold or exchanged for other goods and services.
  2. Membership coupons and benefits are valid for one year from the date of membership purchase.
  3. *Prices and benefits offered to cardholders are subject to change during the membership year, with or without prior notice to cardholders.
  4. Holiday rates will apply for certain designated holidays as published by JC Resorts for each applicable membership year.
  5. All coupons (e.g. free rounds of golf) and benefits are available only to cardholders with valid memberships.
  6. JC Resorts reserves the right to add additional golf courses and/or remove participating courses from the program
  7. JC Players Card rates and free rounds are not valid for group/tournament play.
  8. JC Players Card rates and coupons are only available when a membership card is presented with a photo ID at check-in.
  9. JC Resorts is not responsible for lost or stolen JC Players Card coupons or Bonus Pack coupons and will not provide replacement coupons.
  10. Cardholders understand that membership is voluntary and that any use or acceptance of any service or privilege incident to such membership is undertaken with the knowledge of the risk of injury. In accepting the risk of injury, cardholder understands that it is releasing the owner and operator of the participating golf courses, and those employed by or affiliated therewith (collective, “JC Courses”), from any and all loss, cost, claims, injury, damage or liability sustained or incurred by the cardholder, including any act negligently taken or omitted by such JC Courses.

*Weekday or Weekend Memberships when renewed early, Bonus Packs are available only on anniversary/eligibility date.
*Weekday or Weekend Memberships are available for early renewal anytime during the membership year.