A golf teaching session begins with grabbing a club. Next week, it’ll also begin by grabbing a glass.

Twin Oaks Director of Instruction, Paul Miernicki, is combining golf education and wine education into a series called Golf and Grapes that will begin on Oct. 18th. The first session is called “Begin With the Basics” and will be held on the Twin Oaks driving range and patio from 4-6:30 p.m., and attendance is being limited to 20 spots.

Miernicki says his inspiration for the concept came from a student of his in the wine industry. Miernicki saw it as a way for people to combine two passions that they would like to learn more about.

“I’m an entertainer,” Miernicki says, “and above all I want my students to have fun. So let’s drink some wine and have some fun.”

Miernicki says he’ll strive to combine golf and wine using common terms, such as short and sweet, which will be an introduction to the short game and sweet wines. Sommelier Dewey Lederer will be on hand to pour wines and provide tasting instruction. Each student will sample six wines.

The session costs $99. Golf attire is NOT required.

“We’re going to make wine tasting fun,” Miernicki says, “and combine it with the fun I normally have teaching golf.”

To register, go to www.jcgolf.com/golfandgrapes.

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Corey Ross is a golf and travel content specialist based in Carlsbad. This post and more of his work can be found atwww.socalgolfblog.com.