One of our long time Ladies’ Club & JC Players member, Gene Pearl, whom just turned 99 years old on May 26th, 2015.

Born as Genevieve Pearl, this lady still golfs twice a week, on Tuesdays & Fridays. Gene belongs to the Rancho Bernardo Inn Ladies’s Club and the Oaks North Womens’ Golf Club. She’s been a member of both for at least 30+ years.

Gene was a nurse and was stationed on the hospital ship: the HMHS Newfoundland. This ship was bombed during an air attack in WW2, on September13, 1943 while it was on the coast of the Mediterranean. She and others had to scale down from the ship as it was sinking and that ship still lies as a wreck.

Gene has never married and has a younger sister whom she helps take care of. What makes Gene interesting is her zest for life and her no nonsense approach. Asked for the secret to her longevity,  she attributes it to good DNA. She enjoys good meals and a daily dose of whiskey. Asked for her advice to living a good life and she said: Don’t worry about the problems ahead, just live for today.

Gene can still regularly be seen practicing at Oaks North Golf Course, either on the driving range or the chipping area, just before a tournament.

I hope she can inspire you like she has inspired many of us.