It’s amazing the things we can do with our smartphones these days. We can order food at a moment’s notice, hail a car service in record time, find true love at the touch of a button. It’s all there.

I read somewhere that today’s iPhones and Androids have more computing power than the Apollo 11. You know, the spacecraft that traveled more than 220,000 miles to the moon. About the only thing I can’t do with my iPhone is cook on it, but I’m sure there will be an app coming that soon turns it into a hot plate.

Apps are endless for golfers too, as you can find ones to help navigate your favorite course, improve your swing, or get a real-time ruling.

I recently learned that JC Golf also has an app, which comes equipped with a number of cool features. I always thought you had to call a JC Golf course to get a tee time, but with the app you can instantly book tee times at any course. You can also keep a digital scorecard and a record of rounds played at JC Golf tracks, get pro tips and exact yardages through GPS tracking. There’s even a flyover video of each hole, whether you’re at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, Woods Valley, Encinitas Ranch or Temecula Creek Inn.

You can also see how you stack up against other players through a monthly tournament series exclusively for app users.

If you are hosting a tournament, you can set up the event in the app and your guests can gauge in real time where they are on the leaderboard.

Oh, and of course you can order food before you hit the clubhouse turn. Need to check with the app developers to see when the app itself will be doing the cooking.

You can download the app for free. Just search “JC Golf” in your app store and get swinging.

Marc Figueroa is a freelance writer who has been covering golf in San Diego for more than 20 years.