JC Golf and fellow PGA Professionals would like to extend a sincere “thank you” to Mr. John McNair for serving two years as Southern California PGA President. If you’ve been honored to work with Mr. McNair, you can agree that his dedication to golf is unprecedented.

The Southern California Section of the PGA is comprised of over 1,700 golf Professionals working at over 500 facilities within the Section. During Mr. McNair’s term, his efforts mirrored the mission of the SCPGA – to promote the enjoyment and involvement in the game of golf, to contribute to its growth by providing services to golf professionals and the golf industry, and develop and administer junior golf programs.

Mr. McNair will now serve on the Board as Honorary President and Todd Keefer, PGA General Manager/COO for Wilshire Country Club, will take the seat of President for the SCPGA.



“John McNair is the consummate leader and this human trait was never more evident as he served as the President of the Southern California PGA. John’s passion and high interest to engage PGA professionals to motivate each to be the best they can be in our profession and business of golf never waned throughout his ‘officership’ and never will.”

-Tom Addis III
 PGA Executive Director/CEO

“John was committed every day of his Presidency to giving it his all for the section and our Members. He set a new standard for what a section President can do to make a difference in the game and business of golf. His passion, striving for excellence and never ending desire to see things through were key characteristics that any future leader would do well to emulate.”

-Paul K. Levy
President – PGA of America


“While others can comment more intelligently than I can on John’s big picture work with the SCPGA, I can tell you that he has been laser-focused on improving not only the financial standing of the association and also the overall well-being and opportunities for our section’s golf professionals. We all have our ‘regular’ jobs and do what we can to dedicate time and energy to the industry, but John has taken the tenets of his own professional working life and applied them to his presidency role with great success.
As someone who was fortunate enough to work directly for John years ago and now in serving on the SCPGA’s Board of Directors with him, I see from him now the same level of dedication, work efficiencies and loyalty to those around him that I did then. For me personally, I equate my time working with John to learning lessons from my parents growing up. As an adult I clearly remember conversations with them about how to handle certain situations and decisions. In my work life now, not a week goes by with me recalling or retelling a valuable lesson I learned in working with John.”

-Rob Oosterhuis
 Southern California PGA Board Member

“I have been very fortunate to be mentored my entire professional career by the McNair family. For the first 5 years of my career I had the privilege of being employed by Illinois PGA Hall of Fame inductee Leon McNair. Leon and Carol Ann McNair were instrumental in both professionally and personally putting me on the proper path to realize my life goals. Over 20 years later, I find myself working daily with Leon’s son. Following in his father’s footsteps, John looks for every opportunity to further the impact and influence of fellow PGA Professionals as evidenced by his recent term as SCPGA President. In addition, his foresight has led to the development of several initiatives to grow the game of golf and expand awareness with the younger generation. At JC Resorts, we are constantly looking for ways to “break the mold” and make our properties as successful as possible. With all of the challenges that face our industry, I am very lucky to work for John McNair.”

-Erik Johnson
 Director of Golf Operations, JC Resorts