1. Save More, Spend Less
    The JC Players Card offers the lowest available rate AND $2k in golf savings!
  1. Get Fit
    Strap on your fit tracker and walk a course such as Woods Valley where 18 holes is about 4 miles.
  1. Time-Management
    A challenging golf experience doesn’t have to take four hours. Take the challenge at Reidy Creek and play in under three hours.
  1. Spend More Time With Friends and Family
    Try out the family-friendly programs at Oaks North throughout the year including Clinic & 9 events, Glowball tournaments and the Parent-Junior League!
  1. Try New Technology
    Try out the online booking software on jcgolf.com AND experience new GPS technology on carts at Twin Oaks and Carmel Mountain Ranch golf courses.
  1. Travel More
    Hit the road and experience Cathedral Canyon Golf Course in Cathedral City – a beautiful desert course with view of the San Jacinto Mountains.
  1. Explore Healthy Options
    The ideal healthy day is golf at Temecula Creek Inn followed by a delicious farm-to-table meal at Cork|Fire Kitchen.
  1. Improve Work-Life Balance
    Nothing brings a team together better than a round of golf. Start the new year off healthy and smart and sign up your office for a golf outing or team-building at Twin Oaks Golf Course.
  1. Learn Something New
    Have you ever heard of footgolf? Try the new hybrid sport of soccer and golf on the footgolf courses at Welk Resorts’ Oaks Course and Reidy Creek.
  1. Clear Mental Clutter
    Breathe in 18 holes-worth of expansive fairway and lush hills as you take in the serene golf property at the Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Course. You’ll forget all about the city traffic, and your post-holiday to do list.
  1. Be Kind to Others
    Share your nine guest passes in your JC Players Bonus Book so your friends can also receive the lowest rate at JC Golf courses.
  1. Enjoy Nature
    Look for whales from the view of the Pacific Ocean along 17 holes at Encinitas Ranch.
  1. Appreciate the Environment
    Take in the desertscape landscaping at Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club and see how the course is saving 40 million gallons of water each year.
  1. Be More Social
    Have a great time with fellow golfers at a JC Golf hosted tournament throughout the year. Enter contests and win prizes at each event.