Rain Helps Playing Conditions Over The Upcoming Months

The recent heavy rains we have experienced this winter certainly make golfers unhappy. However, there are a couple of agronomic positives that will help playing conditions over the upcoming months.  First, the volumes of rain water we received will flush all unwanted salts in the soil which will make the turf healthier and stronger to prevent summer stress diseases.  In addition, since most of our golf courses rely on well water to irrigate, the ground water wells will show an increase in production. This allows for ample summer irrigation on the hot days of summer, keeping our courses green and much more playable.  So, even though we were all getting tired of the rain and the interruptions to our golf games, it will certainly help us get through the summer months and provide more enjoyable conditions for all of our golfers.


Enjoy the spring!

Bob Dobek
Director of Golf Maintenance