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Ten Southland golf courses under the management of JC Golf are part of an initiative to attract and retain young golfers who might be interested in the game or have slipped away from the course for one reason or another.


The JC 20/30 Club is aimed at golfers ages 20-30, with participating courses offering green fees of $20 during the week and $30 on weekends for players in that age range.


“The program originated to help young professionals offset the cost of green fees and maintain their momentum as junior golfers,” said John McNair, vice president of golf operations for JC Golf. “Over recent decades we’ve noticed a decrease in active golfers from the 20 to 30 age group. No longer supported by their parents and not yet in the height of their careers, 20- to 30-year-olds often lack the monetary means to continue the sport they love. It’s our goal to keep young professionals engaged, allow them to continue to play and retain their interest into their 30s.”


The program, which started in mid April, is continuous and will operate in conjunction with programs such as the JC Players Card and JC Junior Card. Golfers can get the discounted rate anytime during the week and after 11 a.m. on weekends, with the exception of Encinitas Ranch Golf Course where a 3 p.m. weekend start time applies. Registration is free to join, and savings per round range from 37 percent to 78 percent.


“This program demonstrates that JC Golf is supportive of this age group and welcomes their energy, ambition and love for golf at our courses,” McNair said. “We feel strongly that the JC 20/30 Club is the first step in fostering a life-long relationship with this younger generation.”


JC Golf, which is part of the JC Resorts family, manages 11 golf courses, with nine in San Diego County, one in the Coachella Valley and one in New Mexico.  The Southland courses in play for the 20/30 Club are Cathedral Canyon, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Encinitas Ranch, Oaks North, Rancho Bernardo Inn, Reidy Creek, Temecula Creek Inn, Twin Oaks, Welk Resorts and Woods Valley. An additional $10 cart fee is required at all courses with the exception of Oaks North and Welk Resorts.