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Heidi Richardson on the importance of creating a youth golf program that provides a structured path:


In my 19 years at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course, I have been fortunate to see our youth golf
program grow. From the start, I wanted to create a program through which our youngest
golfers could grow and improve, while having fun and creating memories they remember
forever. They start in our pee wee clinics, weekly sessions geared towards three- to six-year-
olds. We teach the basics of PGA, Position-Grip- Aim, and we encourage fun while teaching
them to swing the golf club. Our seasonal golf camps focus on kids ages six-15 and are a full
week. We offer these sessions over two weeks in the spring, five weeks in the summer and two
weeks in the fall. We also offer a Holiday/Winter camp to keep their skills up year round. Each
student receives a skills evaluation and personalized lesson plan. As we do in all of our
programs, we promote a fun and friendly environment so they can properly and comfortably
learn the physical aspects of the game, as well as Rules and etiquette. We even provide a golf
course maintenance and architecture presentation by the Encinitas Ranch Superintendent so
kids can learn about golf industry trends and career opportunities. Our Junior Prep School is the
next level for kids who adequately progress through the seasonal camps. All aspects of the
game are covered in further detail, and we introduce various training aids to the instruction and
practice. We provide counsel regarding tournament participation and discuss on-course play at ahigher level. Progression through this program leads to private instruction and training for the
high school and potential college golfers. Through their years in our program, kids have
opportunities to play PGA Junior League Golf and girls are also introduced to LPGA/USGA Girls


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