July 14, 2020 – As we are grateful for your patronage, we ask that you join us in our effort to keep our staff and community safe by observing these ‘safe play’ guidelines. We all need to continue our diligence and discipline to stop the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. As more information becomes available, our protocols across JC Golf Courses will change to meet the guidelines set by our governing officials.

Before Your Round of Golf

  • Walking is encouraged. Golf carts are limited and not guaranteed.
  • Golf carts can have only one person unless other golfers are from the same household.
  • Face coverings are discretionary while playing and required indoors and in common areas.
  • Social distancing is in effect. Plan to use 6′ distancing at all times. 
  • If you are sick or are feeling sick, do not come to the golf course.
  • Wash your hands before coming to the golf course.
  • Online reservations can be made at jcgolf.com. Due to the unprecedented call volume, many calls are not getting through to our Golf Shop teams.  Please be patient as we work through these challenges.
  • Credit card payments only, no cash payments will be accepted at the counter. Pay in advance over the phone is encouraged. Guests will not need to sign credit card receipts.
  • Rental clubs are currently unavailable.
  • Tee intervals will be closely monitored to regulate the number of players out on the course.
  • Please do not arrive at the course more than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time. At Los Serranos, no more than 15 minutes. 
  • Carts are power-washed and pre-sanitized before each round. Your cart will be readily positioned with key turned on with a single-use pencil, waiver, and scorecard.

On The Golf Course:

  • Proceed to the first tee without personal contact.
  • Players must arrive at the tee box no earlier than 5 minutes prior to tee time so as not to come in contact with those playing in front of them.
  • Players may not arrive on the tee box until the previous group has left the teeing ground. 
  • Be aware of informational signage throughout the property and in the carts regarding safety measures.
  • Use 6’ social distancing from your playing partners at all times.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze into your sleeve or tissue and dispose of in waste cans.
  • Rakes have been removed so no need to rake the bunkers. The following SCGA recommended Local Rule shall apply.
    • If a player’s ball comes to rest in a bunker, he or she may take free relief once by placing the original ball or another ball within one club-length of the original spot no nearer the hole and in the same bunker.
    • Smooth the sand with his or her feet, or a club, after hitting their ball out of the bunker.
  • On the greens, leave the pin in the cup at all times. Cups have been adjusted so golf balls can be retrieved without touching the flag or sides of the cup.
  • Do not pick up your playing partners’ clubs on the green after the hole is complete.
  • On-course ball washing and water stations are temporarily closed. Bottled water is available for purchase in the golf shop.
  • For open restrooms, check with the starter at each facility.

After Your Round:

  • We ask you to please forgo the traditional after-round handshake and invite you to use your imagination to thank your playing partners for the game.
  • After your round, park carts in designated areas.
  • Be responsible for disposing your own trash into garbage cans.
  • Social or group gatherings are not permitted. Physical distancing will be enforced.
  • Following your round, please leave the course immediately to eliminate congestion/gathering.
  • Throughout the day and at the end of the day, routine cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection is performed on all carts and all locations, especially the high touch surfaces and common areas, to ensure the environment is clean and safe for your return.

Golf Shop:

  • Doors throughout the clubhouse will be kept open to reduce the need to use doorknobs.
  • Staff members will wear masks and gloves at all times.
  • To assist with safe physical distancing, lines will have 6’ markers for guests to stand.
  • Doors and other high touch areas will be sanitized frequently with disinfectant.
  • Restrooms will remain open at the golf shop and routine cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection will be performed.
  • Self-serve hand sanitizer stations will be available at the golf shop.
  • Limited items will be available for purchase from behind the counter including golf balls, tees, and gloves; other merchandise will not be available for purchase at this time.
  • Informational signage is placed around the clubhouse to assist with safety measures.

To-Go Food & Beverage/Snack Bar:

  • Doors throughout the snack bar will be kept open to reduce the need to use doorknobs.
  • Staff members wear masks and gloves at all times
  • To assist with safe physical distancing, lines have 6’ markers for guests to stand.
  • Payments by credit card only; no cash. Guests will not need to sign credit card receipts.
  • To-go orders are prepared for pick-up at the counter. Dine-in service is beginning to re-open; check with course for details.
  • Self-serve water dispensers are temporarily closed. Bottled water will be available.

 Driving Ranges:

  • Driving Ranges may remain closed – check with your local course.
  • Range balls can be purchased at the golf shop with a credit card only.
  • The attendant will provide range balls at the driving range.
  • Driving range stations will be positioned a minimum of 6’ apart.
  • Bag stands and chairs will not be available at this time.
  • Range balls are cleaned thoroughly after every pickup, prior to providing to guests.

Practice Putting Green:

  • On the putting green, cups have been adjusted so golf balls can be retrieved without touching the flag or sides of the cup.
  • Utilize your own golf balls for short game warm-up.
  • Physical distancing is in effect.


  • Staff members are instructed to welcome and greet everyone with a smile but from a distance. There will be no handshaking and maintaining distance is a must.
  • Staff is trained on hygiene, sanitation, and food handling in regard to epidemic prevention and control.
  • All staff handling credit cards must wear protective gloves during all transactions.
  • Staff is trained to be mindful and intentional about personal etiquette including coughing, sneezing, and frequent and proper hand-washing.
  • Staff is trained to recognize the symptoms of COVID-19 and know how to act responsibly if they detect or exhibit symptoms.

Local Resources

Prior to booking your tee time and arriving at the course, please review the following Safe Play Guidelines and check with your local authorities for county-specific information. 

Additional Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources:

As of Friday, May 1, the following JC Golf courses are open for tee time reservations:

Based on the latest guidelines on the evolving situation, we will continue to update our policies and procedures. We are excited to welcome you back to golf as permitted and wish you and your family continued health and wellness.

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