World record-setting disc throw by 100 year old male, Donn Shinn sets the Guinness world record!


October, 2020 ESCONDIDO, California, United States – South Korea native, Donn Shinn was a former Judo instructor that took on the challenge of disc golf at the age of 90 years old. Donn Shinn was able to set the Guinness world record disc throw at 189 feet on the Reidy Creek Golf Course.


With the natural valley atmosphere and scenic mountain terrain at Reidy Creek Golf Course in north Escondido, Don Shinn solidified his disc throwing technique skills both physically and mentally. Don Shinn’s journey to the world record farthest-thrown flying disc began after being a Judo instructor. The enjoyment of disc golf was quickly discovered after his retirement. After a decade of self-disciplined practice and skill, Don Shinn enters his name in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Practice makes perfect – the 100-year-old record holder of the farthest disc throw reminds us all that learning something new is inevitable.



Article by Justin Reyes, Marketing Assistant, JC Golf.