Remembering 50 Years with Oaks North’s Staff and Guests

JC Golf  is proud to announce the 50-year anniversary of Oaks North Golf Course! Located in Rancho Bernardo, the 27-hole executive course was designed by Ted Robinson, Sr. and continues to offer a true golf experience. For over fifty years, the dedicated staff has been responsible for top-notch course conditions and an extensive development program.


We’re celebrating 50 years of great conditions after continually making improvements, the last being leveling the tee boxes.

 John McNair, VP of Operations for JC Golf



When Oaks North Golf Course opened doors in 1970, history was being made for sports fans. Billy Casper, a San Diego native defeated Gene Littler with a 69 in an 18-hole playoff to win his third major championship during the 1970 Masters Tournament. During Super Bowl IV, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the heavily favored Minnesota Vikings 23-7 – a relevant tie to the recent past.


Oaks North Golf Course


The course has provided opportunities for new players, seniors, and juniors to get a fun experience at a forgiving course.

 Jon Svendsen, long-time Assistant Golf Professional at Oaks North




Focused on growing the game and supporting local youth, Oaks North has been proud of its lesson programs. In its history, graduates of the beginner and junior golf programs have grown into talented, avid golfers.


Oaks North is a very short golf course, making it ideal for beginners, families, plus there are 27 holes. One time I caught a junior golfer outwardly celebrating with her parents in the parking lot because she ended up birding one of the holes. That’s when I realized how moments like these are inspirational for other youth golfers.

Lloyd Porter, former Head Golf Professional at Oaks North

Junior Tournament at Oaks North

Junior Tournament at Oaks North with Lloyd Porter



The culture at Oaks North has been inspired by the dedicated groups of golfers that enjoy the course every day.



The support from our Men’s and Women’s clubs and numerous leagues is by far the best I’ve been around in my career. With so many courses closing in the last few years, it’s a true testament to our guests that through their continued patronage we are able to celebrate 50 years.

Erik Agnew, Head Golf Professional at Oaks North



Guys & Gals Tournament at Oaks North

Guys & Gals Tournament at Oaks North


Every day of the week, Oaks North is home to dedicated clubs and leagues who come out each week for camaraderie and to enjoy the game. 


I have been golfing as a Women’s Club member for five years at Oaks north, the best features at Oaks North are the course conditions and atmosphere, alongside the knowledgeable staff.

Sharon Sherman, long-time JC Women’s Club Member



At this time, the course is practicing extensive safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Once the guidelines are lifted, lessons, tournaments and events will resume. Oaks North is looking forward to servicing its loyal guests and introducing new guests to its facility for fifty more years.

Oaks North Golf Course


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