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FREE 90-Day SCGA Trial Membership For New Members


The SCGA’s (Southern California Golf Association) goal is to enhance the enjoyment of golf for those who are just starting and for those actively living the golf lifestyle. With an SCGA membership, you’ll receive a personal GHIN number for the USGA Handicap System and an easy system for keeping track of your scores and handicap.

Why should I register for an SCGA Membership?

As a golf enthusiast, the top reason is to establish and track your handicap. Having a handicap helps you improve your scores and allows access to all levels of competitive tournaments. READ MORE: Why do I need a handicap?

Once you register with the SCGA, establishing your handicap is easy.

1. Receive your USGA/GHIN Number.

2. Post five 18-hole scores at at any JC Golf pro shop or on your own device.

3. Receive your updated handicap index twice a month via email from the SCGA.

Play more golf!

The SCGA also organizes playing opportunities in tournaments, outings, and leagues at JC Golf Courses. View these opportunities and fun ways to develop your handicap at our courses.  

Sign Up Today

If you are a new member to the SCGA, sign up today and receive a complimentary 90-day trial membership. 


Free 90-day offer expires March 31, 2019. Valid for new members. Upon completion of the trial, you will receive the option to join for $69 or $49 for JC Players. For questions, contact our SCGA specialist, Jeanna Amico at See you on the greens!

SCGA Tournaments at JC Golf Courses

• Temecula Creek Inn – Mar 17, 2018
• Encinitas Ranch Golf Course – Mar 25, 2018
• Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Course – July 21, 2018
• Twin Oaks Golf Course – Aug 10, 2019

SCGA Leagues at JC Golf Courses

• Twin Oaks Golf Course – Summer League
• Twin Oaks Golf Course – Winter League – Feb 2019

Official SCGA Member Clubs at JC Golf Courses

• Cathedral Canyon Golf Club – Men’s Club (Plays Wed, Sat and Sun)
• Encinitas Ranch Golf Course – Men’s Club (Plays Wed and Sun)
• Encinitas Ranch Golf Course – Women’s Club (Plays Tuesdays)
• Rancho Bernardo Inn – Men’s Club (Plays Mondays)
• Rancho Bernardo Inn – Resort Club
• Twin Oaks Golf Course – Men’s Club (Plays Wed and Sat)
• Temecula Creek Inn – Men’s Club (Plays Wed and Sun)
• Temecula Creek Inn – Women’s Club
• Oaks North Golf Course – Oaks North Women’s Club (Plays Friday)
• Oaks North Golf Course – Oaks North Men’s Club
• Wood Valley Golf Course – 184 Club Members