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Foot Golf California


FootGolf is a fast-paced combination of two sports – soccer and golf – played with a regulation size #5 soccer ball at a golf facility with 21″ diameter cups. Playing Foot Golf in California is great for skilled soccer players to hone their skills and for new youth soccer players to practice in a fun, relaxed environment. The rules mirror those of golf – the player with the fewest shots wins!

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The Welk

$15 for Weekday and Weekend for 18 holes

Footgolf FAQ’s

How long is one game of footgolf?

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An 18-hole game generally takes about 2.5 hours.

Can I bring my own ball?

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Absolutely! Our course accommodates a size 5 soccer ball. However, if you do not have your own ball, we will provide you with one.

What should I wear?

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You’re likely to find us in a collared shirt, golf shorts or pants, and golf shoes, but please be sure to wear what makes you comfortable!

Do I need to know how to golf in order to play footgolf?

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Footgolf does not require any previous knowledge of golf.

What is the age limit for kids?

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Kids 6 and up with an adult can play.

Do you have to be a good soccer player to play footgolf?

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Also known as soccer golf, footgolf is a low barrier-to-entry sport that all skill levels can try.

You convinced me, now when can I play?!

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Footgolf is available every day during normal course hours. Please call The Welk (760) 749-3225 to make a reservation!

Can I book a tee time online?

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Yes, you can book a footgolf tee time just like a golf tee time. Pricing for footgolf will be adjusted at check-in. Choose a time slot that works for you:

Tee times at The Welk

When did the official sport of footgolf begin?

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Official rules began in 2009 for a footgolf event that took place in the Netherlands. Since then, country after country has followed the example and has now spread to over 30 countries worldwide!

Foursome Special

Soccer balls are provided or bring your own. Complimentary instruction is provided for new players.

*Mention this special at check-in to receive rate. Not valid for group or tournament play.


Do you have a birthday party, family reunion, team event or corporate off-site coming up? Plan a footgolf game and after-party! Our experts will help you plan a fun, active event geared towards bringing people together for a good time.

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